Facilities and solutions for measurements

Management of measure in observatories

Ensure the simultaneity of all measures carried out in the observatory, using a common format for all the data to facilitate automatic analysis and submission to database, check in real time the operation of all the equipment, set and query instrumentation remotely, store data locally and remotely data, remotely switch on or off  devices or instruments.

Are all features that distinguish the high quality of the measurements management system we propose.

lThe data format, the parameters to be acquired by each individual instrument and the various characteristics of the system will be defined together with the manager of the observatory

Set of datalogger Campbell Scientific

The data-loggers Campbell Scientific offer excellent performance and are widely used for the acquisition of analog signals. We offer a consulting service on the most appropriate model to use together with the programming of the datalogger itself.

Analog and digital data acquisition systems

Development of data acquisition board for the most of the commercial scientific instruments and for additional analogue signals. Instruments remote control, GPS or NTP time synchronization, data transmission to servers, and the possible of an integrated network are common features to all cards whose final design is defined in agreement with the user.