Electric power panel driven by wind conditions

Depending on the wind conditions it sets the 4 panel sockets (max 10A) ON or OFF. It is also possible to define different wind conditions for each single outlet of the frame. Used in the environmental field for aerosol sampling when it is needed to exclude a field of provenance from the air masses, or if it is desired to characterize the aerosol according to a 4 different wind sectors. Possibility of remote control of the sockets via ethernet

Principle of operation

With 1 HZ sampling, the average per minute of wind direction and wind speed is calculated. The values ​​to be compared with the set limits are then calculated as a 5 minutes running average. This method of measurement avoids frequent samplers ON/OFF in the case of heavily variable wind.

Application example

Background environmental measures in the presence of a source of emission:

If the wind is less than 1 m/s the source emission can reach the measuring point by dispersion,
as well as if winds above the meter per second come from the source wind sector.
In such conditions, the samplers will be switched off, to be re-powered if the conditions are favorable.

Already available for Davis and Young anemometer, possibility to interface with other anemometer