Design of observatory and measurements network

Design and construction of  observatories for air-quality and climate monitoring

It is difficult to identify a single standar for climate and air quality monitors that will suit all your needs.

Both for the different parameters to be measured and for the different locations of the measuring site, each observatory requires one ad hoc study in order to offer guarantees of good operation, reliability of the measurement and  remote control.

IN remote sites, where the availability of electricity is limited or absent, the design of the observatory will be extended for the use of alternative energy (wind, solar, hydroelectric and mixed) to ensure the operation of the observatory and an appropriate telemetry in case of lack of data connection.

In cooperation with LEN srl we provide design and construction of observatory regardless of the measurement site and of the measured parameters.

Design and installation of outdoor and indoor measurements networks

The monitoring networks are necessary for the control in space and time of a given physical parameter and can often be used to predict its future behavior.

Meteorological networks fo wind and solar radiation measurement for alternative energy, measures along water courses (water quality, flow, level) for flood forecasting or for bathing, power lines or areas with presence of electromagnetic fields for the monitoring of intensity.

Even for confined spaces you can create measurement networks or individual monitoring points, which can for example verify the parameters of good conservation of artworks, or the control of working place confort.

Choose the most meaningful measurement points according to the quantities to measure that to the site to be monitored, identifying best suited instrumental solution following a preliminary investigation, defining the modalities of communication with the measuring points and provide real-time results are all aspects that are part of the design, offered together with the installation, verification and control of its successful functioning.


We already provided observatory for pubblic institution such as National Research Council :

  • osservatorio climatico ambientale I-AMICA di Capo Granitola (TP). Osservatorio che fa parte della rete GAW del WMO

ANd private society as Cefla :

  • Open lab presso CNR Bologna